Heartbreaker / Lemon Song
Mark's Page Style Noodling
Since I've Been Lovin' You
I Can't Quit You
How Many More Times
Dazed and Confused


This is the Hop Hed Fuzztone by Cat's-Eye. It is a recreation of the Sola Sound Tonebender that Jimmy Page used on the first two Led Zeppelin Albums. Page used the two knob MkII pedal. The Sola Sound MarkIII Tonebender added a third knob (tone) to give it versatility, but the circuit was the same. Eventually the MkIII was changed to the Colorsound Tone bender. The Hop Hed was voiced to sound like the MkII that Page used, but you have the luxury of a tone knob to match it to your amp.
These Hop Hed Fuzztone Led Zeppelin demo clips were cut using the Supro models in my Vetta rig. I messed with the speaker configuration in the Supro Thunderbolt model and left the 6X9 Supro model as is. I used a Tele with Kinman 48 Broadcaster pickups and a Parker P-36 (Tele style) guitar with Kinman 60's Tele pickups for the Zeppelin I cuts, and I used a Parker PM20 (Les Paul style guitar with a mahogany body and figured Bubinga top) with Virtual PAF pickups for the Zeppelin II stuff.

Hop Hed


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